with our support, doctors are more confident on the frontlines



The practice of medicine comes with a lot of risk which includes the risk of becoming infected with a virus or bacteria. In this current COVID-19 pandemic, it has become a clear and present danger. 

A lot of healthcare workers have become infected with some dying. This is why physicians try to be careful and practice safe management during patient care.

 We are here to support all GMD members. We offer support in different ways including financial, psychological, and emotional. These are very key to the overall health of a healthcare worker in these times.


We provide both out-patient and in-patient care in designated GMD hospitals where such can be safely and efficiently achieved for members.

Specific hospitals where this can be achieved have been identified and retainer deposits are being made to such accredited centres. 


The issue of doctors welfare and healthcare workers’ welfare in general in Nigeria has remained a front burner issue for a very long time. 

We will keep lending our voices to the ongoing advocacy by several groups for improved healthcare workers welfare as we all ( healthcare workers and citizens ) stand to benefit in the long term.